studio-00079Hi! I’m Kris! I’m going to be your first point of contact with Unforgettable Photography by Anna. I am normally the person you get to speak to when calling the studio. I send you all the information you need. I book the sessions, guide you through your consultation and image reveal appointment and then I package up your order and frame the portraits. Whoa, good thing I like to stay busy! ☺

There are many things I love about my job, but the two things I love most are:
rolfingsmeyer family 2-00501) The people! I always say my job is just like delivering flowers to someone. When you see your images for the first time, I love the smiles, laughter and tears. It’s good for the soul!

2) I get to use my degree! (By the way, my parents are just as happy about this too!) I have a degree in Interior Design from Stevens Institute of Business and Arts. My parents have owned a remodeling company for 35 years, so I’ve always been fascinated by design. I love coordinating colors, textures and placement. I see our clients benefit from my love of interior design every day. Anna’s work is a piece of art- Let’s show it off!


rolfingsmeyer family 2-0255On a personal level, I’ve been married a little over 5 years to a man I’m crazy in love with! Chad is the yin to my yang…the sugar to my spice…he’s my soulmate! I am also proud to have an awesome step-daughter in my life, Ashlynn. When I’m not at work, I’m enjoying life! My family and I love to travel, cook, and create art.
I’m also a Parrothead! What’s a Parrothead? Wellchadkris, we love a Jimmy Buffett lifestyle : socially orientated and relaxed. We also “Party for a Purpose.” I’ve met so many interesting people volunteering and socializing both locally and on the beach. I also love researching different ways to live a more organic life of wellness. I’m pretty sure we can solve world peace with a little bit of coconut oil and a smoothie. (I have recipes if you’d like)

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