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Hi, I’m Mya! I am Anna’s assistant. For my job, I do everything and anything that Anna needs me to do. I go on every photo session with her, I help with the setup and tear down all session sets, and I also make sure the studio is in tip-top shape for everyone that comes into the studio. I also help create backgrounds, and I go on grocery runs to get things for around the studio or for any projects Anna can think of. As Anna’s assistant, I also help with her kids–dropping them off and picking them up from practices or daycares.



I started my work career as a lifeguard and worked there for two years; after that, I went to work at a daycare, then I worked at Turf in the kitchen. Then one day my mom called me to tell me that Anna was looking for an assistant for the studio. I applied and got an interview. It was love at first sight. I loved every part of working for Anna and all of the jobs I would be doing. I got the job and got thrown into all of the craziness.  I just graduated from Kaskaskia College with an Associate degree in arts where I ran cross country at KC for three years. I’ve been trying to find out what my future career is going to be; I’ve tried many different paths, but there hasn’t quite been anything that’s interested me yet. 


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When I am not at work, I’m typically hanging out with my friends, at my siblings’ games, or playing with my dog, Lucy. I am also a very big family person. I have a younger brother, Cam, who is my best friend, and he loves all sports, especially baseball and soccer. I have a younger sister, Harper, who is my mini-me. She does dance, softball, and soccer. I also love to play card games, like Uno And Euchre. I love to watch movies, especially Marvel movies, and every movie needs a good snack to go with it. Catch me buying snacks for the perfect movie night!


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