Christmas Special – Christmas Children’s Pictures – Quick Takes – Southern Illinois Photographer

For Christmas quick takes, we started dreaming of an extravagant stair setup, made to look like the interior of your house at Christmas with garland and stockings hung from the stairs, with a fireplace and decorated Christmas tree to round out that “home for the holidays” feeling.

Anna’s neighbor Kyle came to the rescue and helped us design the stairs that would work best, then he went straight to work building them.

We took an afternoon and went on a studio adventure where we went to Hobby Lobby, Homegoods, At Home, and Target to find the perfect decor pieces to complete the set.

Once we had the decorations we’d be adding in, Dawn from Ahner Florist came in to truly bring our vision to life. Decorating the stairs, tree, and fireplace, the set looked like it was part of a Hallmark movie.

With such high demand, we ended up rearranging our schedule to add four extra days of quick takes on top of the five we’d already planned. After nine days, 4,819 images taken, 539 pictures retouched, 37 customized Christmas cards designed, 137 ornaments, and two blankets, Unforgettable Photography by Anna was ready for a nice break before the new year.

Thank you to all of our clients who helped make this such a successful quick take undertaking.