studio-00072Quite the last name, huh? Trust me, I’ve heard all of the jokes! Besides my lovely last name, I would love to give you a little insight into what has brought me to this point in my life.

In the 2nd grade, my class was asked to write a list of the things they wanted most in life. I listed: a husband, kids, dogs and land. flintI’m 26 now and my answers have not changed! I am extremely close with my family. We do everything together and I cannot wait for the day that I have children of my own; however, for now, I will settle for my little 3 pound perfect Phantom poodle, Flint.

As for the husband part, I am still working on that, but I’ll admit, I’m a hopeless romantic…And in case Harry Styles of One Direction is reading this – holla at your girl!


harry (1)Thinking back, I really should have known that my career path would have been in the art field. In kindergarten, I asked my Mom to drop me off early, just so that I could place the crayons on everyone’s desks before class! After high school, I attended Southwestern Illinois College and took graphic design as an elective and my world was turned on its axis. I then attended Southern Illinois University and absolutely fell in love with all things graphic design and became a total “font snob”! I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts: Specialization-Communication Design.

familyAfter graduation, I felt in my heart that the right job would come along. After responding to an out-of-the-blue Facebook posting about a design job opening in Germantown, the perfect job was within my reach! I knew about 2 minutes into my interview at Unforgettable Photography that I wanted to work with these people.

A week later, I was offered the position and the rest is history.When you come into the studio, you will surely hear me oohing and ahhing with the cuteness overload of all of the images of the adorable kiddos that come through the door. I absolutely love the opportunity to watch these youngsters come in at only a week old and grow up in front of my eyes. When my friends and family ask how I’m liking my job, I tell them it is the dream job I didn’t even know I wanted!

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